Anna Panzanelli is a Singer and Songwriter from Perugia

She studied music in Perugia where she specialized in singing and Classical and Jazz piano.

In 2017 she released her first album “Bluer Than Blue”, a tribute to two American songwriters: Lil Hardin and Laura Nyro.

In June 2022 she released her second album “Inchiostro” for GiottoMusic, produced and distributed by EgeaMusic, the major Italian jazz music platform. It’s a collection of Italian songs composed and arranged by Anna with Italian Lyrics.

Anna performed in many events and festivals including ArgoJazz Festival, Umbria Jazz, Alchemika Jazz, Lisciano in Jazz, Moon In June, Corte dei Miracoli in Milan, Experimentia Festival, In canto d’estate and others.


Bluer than Blue Anna Panzanelli

“Bluer Than Blue”  is a tribute to two American singers, pianists and composers: Lil Hardin (1898 – 1971) and Laura Nyro (1947 – 1997), and is the first album by Anna Panzanelli.
The name of the album is the title of a song by Lil Hardin, an extraordinary composer of vocal and instrumental tracks with Blues feel, active from the 20s to the 50s.
But “Bluer Than Blue” could also be the title of any song by Laura Nyro, because every composition is impregnated with Blues.
In the music of the two composers the Blues goes beyond notes, form and musical structure: it is intended as a warm and intense color, it is a simple and direct language, full of life.
In the album Anna reinterprets some compositions of the two songwriters adding to these a song from the American Black-Soul tradition “Fool that I Am”.


“Inchiostro” is the second recording project by Anna Panzanelli and her first work as a songwriter. It’s contains 15 songs in Italian of which Anna is the composer of both the text and music.
The title alludes to the passion for writing texts and poems, which together with Music, characterizes the artistic life of Anna.
The album is a collection of songs with shades of Soul and Jazz, totally acoustic.
The album was made possible thanks to the collaboration and the great friendship between Anna and the musicians who recorded: The arranger and bassist Ruggero Bonucci, pianists Nicodemo Destito and Manuel Magrini, guitarist Toti Panzanelli, drummers Rocco Panzanelli and Nicola Pitassio.

Live Video in the “Stanza Rosa”


Dimmi ancora come sei

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